Trolling friends on GroupMe

I’ve been doing a lot more development work in my free time and I am always looking for an excuse for a new project. I have a couple of group chat threads on GroupMe and I noticed they have an API where you can create bots. As I always enjoy trolling my friends, I put together a super basic app to respond to certain phrases and threw it on Heroku. I wasn’t quite entertained enough, though, so a couple evenings of coding later I had taken it a few steps further and stood up

It’s still pretty basic as far as chat bots go, but this lets everyone who is a member of a group modify the bot’s behavior. Any group member can add keyword triggers but other group members can’t see what they’ve added until the trigger fires to maximize trolling potential. I also built it out so that once a trigger is fired it gets deleted so it doesn’t just continue spamming users.

There’s also custom commands, although I have only written one so far. I built these custom commands out in a way that should hopefully make it easy to add functionality down the road should I ever get around to that. The only one available today is titled reddit_image which will go out and grab a random image from the subreddit of your choosing. For example, I could create a custom command of the type ‘reddit_image’ and name it ‘puppy’ while passing it the r/puppies subreddit. If a chat user than says “[BotName] puppy” the bot would go out and grab a random image of a puppy.

Not sure how much I will continue playing with this as I have a few other projects I am working on, but the repo is here for the curious.