Happy 2015

New year, new updates. After a brief stint as a DBA at another organization I have returned to my previous employer to take on a new and exciting role as a Database Administrator in a large SaaS environment. This environment has customers and data centers all over the wold and will certainly present some new challenges. It’s no secret that IT as a whole is trending toward cloud architecture and I’m excited to be right in the thick of it.

I’m also excited to announce that I will be presenting my session “Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance Using Wait Stats” at the Ohio North SQL Server User Group on January 6 and then again at SQLSaturday #357 – Cleveland on February 7. These events will be my first speaking engagements and I am definitely looking forward to them.

I have again become quiet on this blog as the last few months have seen two career moves that have kept me busy. Now that I have started to settle in I hope to increase my posting frequency. My new role should provide me with plenty to share!